Diana Death (dianadeath) wrote,
Diana Death

Google = frightening

I Googled my name (as it appears on my birth certificate) and found several pages of results, but only 1 of them was about me, related to a copyright registration circa 2001 for one of my songs. The rest of the results consisted of:

-an athlete from New York University

-salsa instructor

-somebody who got charged for assault

-"a bitch who loves to text"

-somebody on Facebook (which I have never used)

-a completely different girl from the same Mexican city I was born in

-a Playboy Cyber Girl with nude photos and videos on Dutch web sites

SO NOT ME!! Now I'm worried if anyone has ever Googled me and though I was one of hose people; apparently my given name is not as unusual as I thought it was..

Yours in paranoia,
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